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The gym is shut but the clinic is open for home visits and online appointments. 

Online booking is open.

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Physiotherapy, Sports Massage and Acupuncture Clinic serving Watford, Rickmansworth, Croxley, Northwood and Bushey.

About the Clinic

We are based on Tolpits Lane, Watford and are a short drive from Rickmansworth, Northwood, Bushey and surrounding areas of Hertfordshire.


Physiotherapy at Home, mobile physiotherapy and sports massage at home is available with online booking.

We offer free parking, level access and have benefits of access to gym facilities as part of treatment. 


Please visit our convenient online booking system or see below for services, opening times and social media pages.

I setup this clinic to provide a better service for local people. I believe in self management, functional treatment strategies with clear goals and empowering clients to take control of their injury.

We offer physiotherapy, sports massage and acupuncture because I truly believe through evidenced based practice that these all have a therapeutic use and work as methods of treatment to reduce pain, improve function and return to sport or daily activities.

Physiotherapy is best for people who have an injury and either want a diagnosis, treatment and management plan. Or, have begun this journey but may have got lost along the way or the pain and/or injury has reoccured.

Physiotherapy is more than just exercise. Exercise is the key and more important tool to improving patients and reducing pain and vary significantly from traditional isolated strength exercises, endurance, cardiovascular, static stretches, dynamic stretches and exercises to improve control and the ways in which you move.


Physiotherapists use a combination of manual therapy, sports massage, acupuncture, exercise and most importantly advice on understanding your injury, pain and problems. From this we work together to maximise how much you can do, as soon as you can and improve until you feel fighting fit.

Sports massage is best for people with either general or specific muscular aches and pains and want to release stress and tension from sitting for long periods at work, manual jobs, sporting injuries and people training hard.


Sports massage has many names including soft tissue, deep tissue, myofascial release and similar concepts such as trigger pointing and stretch-release techniques. I use a combination of all of these in each treatment as appropriate and this is often guided by the patient's goals.

Acupuncture has ​two main variations. The first is dry needle acupuncture which has the same principles as massage (see above) to stimulate blood flow and to encourage muscles to relax and release. This is often both more effective and more uncomfortable than sports massage.


The second is traditional Chinese acupuncture where meridians and energy channels are used to restore your body's balance. This can be used for any injury and also medical conditions and has been used for almost 3000 years in China.


I use this technique for muscles, joints, tendon, ligament and nerve injuries as well as pain. I can also incorporate acupuncture into physiotherapy and sports massage treatments as appropriate.

Please visit our about us page to find out more about our staff and qualifications or visit our blogs for information on conditions and treatment/management options.


We focus on rehabilitation, injury prevention and functional strength training so you can return to activities that mean the most to you.



Sports injury, back pain and general rehabilitation programmes for all joints.

Get back doing what matters to you pain free.

Woman enjoying relaxing back massage in

Sports massage, deep tissue massage, soft tissue massage, myofascial release and trigger pointing.

To relieve muscle tension and stress.


For physiotherapy conditions, pain or muscle tension.

Includes traditional Chinese and dry needle acupuncture where appropriate.


Please note we have an online booking system which can accept payments through Stripe.

Alternatively we can also take cash and card payments in the clinic.

We also accept most major insurance companies:

Aviva, AXA PPP, WPA, Vitality Health, Aetna International and Healix Health.



Pump Gyms,
Wolsey Business Park,
Tolpits Lane,

WD18 9BL

Opening Times:

Monday: 2-9pm

Tuesday: 6-9pm

Wednesday: 8-12 & 4-9pm

Thursday: 6-9pm

Saturday: 9-1pm

Sunday: 9-5pm


07935 705545



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