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Online Physiotherapy

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Why Online Physio - Do Virtual or Video Appointments Work?

Online physio is also known as virtual physiotherapy, video physiotherapy or online consultation and has some very important advantages and disadvantages. These are outlined below:

  • You can be treated anywhere with an internet connection in a convenient location for you - this can be at home, work or wherever needed

  • It saves time on travelling and is quicker to get started on your physiotherapy

  • It is cheaper than face to face appointments due to less equipment, PPE and no  travel time for the practitioners

  • The vast majority of assessment is through the questioning and confirmed via movements and assessment findings. Therefore most of the diagnosis information can be gathered effectively during online consultations.

  • The most effective long term treatments and management strategies are a home exercise programme such as stretches and strengthening exercises and changes to daily habits (posture and movement patterns). Manual treatments including massage are known to be short term.

  • There is a limitation on improving pain in the short term due to being unable to manually treat. However, this can be offset with other tools such as a massage gun or help from household members to relieve the pain under guidance.

  • If you have any questions about online physio please contact us or book online to get your physiotherapy started.

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