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Massage Therapy.

Massage Therapy in Watford, Northwood, Rickmansworth, Bushey and Croxley Green

About Massage Therapy

There are many different types of massage and they can be quite different. This clinic focusses on sports massage and deep tissue massage primarily because it is used as a treatment to relieve muscle tension, trigger points, stress and help with flexibility.

We  have chosen these massage techniques as we believe they have the best effect and last longer than soft tissue, Swedish or traditional massage spa treatments. However it is important to mention they can be a little uncomfortable.


All of our treatments include an appropriate stretching, self management programme and advice on how to prevent the pain or muscle tension from returning including adapting exercise programmes.

We offer these services at the clinic as well as sports massage at home. We do not usually offer block bookings or discounts are we prefer to take one appointment at a time depending on the need of each client. This way you are not tied into sessions you do not need.

There is a subtle difference between sports massage therapy and deep tissue massage. Deep tissue focusses on the deep tissues such as muscle and is more comfortable than a sports massage.

Sports massage is carried out by specifically trained professionals who can target key areas of muscle tightness, soreness and injury. They apply knowledge of those muscles trigger points (common tension points) to release the muscle more effectively. This can be a little uncomfortable but the therapist will always listen to your needs and work out the correct amount of pressure and adjust this throughout the treatment.

Our clinic offers professional sports massage from qualified physiotherapists for the local areas of Watford, Northwood, Rickmansworth, Bushey and Croxley Green.

If you wish to book a sports or deep tissue massage, or have any further questions about massage in the clinic or home visits, please see the links below.

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